Phantom Colors









Phantom team has been researching color 3D printing and exact color reproduction. We have found that currently none of 3D printers producers are focused in accurate colors that allow users to manage colors in their designs. The movie industry, jewelry and other domains where accurate colors are especially valued, like ancient artifacts.

During this research we have developed a solution to create color profile for the 3D printer and apply this color profile in order to produce accurate colors in every print. We have created an application designed to reproduce colors of buttons allowing us to create prints with accurate texture and color.

Our color profiling solution can be used with any color 3D printer also it is possible to integrate into existing 3D modeling software.

We have tested our color profiling and color correction software to copy buttons material and apply texture and color digitally obtained from button blanks to predefined button forms and have successfully reproduced texture as well as color of the original.

Phantom Colors software allows inputting colors and texture from scanners and photo-camera.

Suitable for Designers

Phantom Colors software eliminates the boundaries of creativity. It allows designers to create unique shapes and sizes of buttons, accessories, and to create unique styles of clothing keeping the original colors.

Imagine the uniquely shaped button with a picture of your favorite singer, actor, or maybe your mom? Why not a picture of a beautiful spring flower? Better yet, why not design a coat with 3 different shapes, sizes or colors of buttons? Phantom Colors opens new doors for designers. It is possible to have your own button or accessory manufacturing studio at home, in your office, or in shared work spaces.

Suitable for antic artifacts recreation

Since Phantom Colors can recreate original colors so precisely it makes software ideal for antique artifact recreation. Broken antic vase parts, statue and even small parts of interior can be easily reproduced.